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are going out of their mind, out of patience, not only for the tough situation but form new york city detective bo dietl says a difficult situation if authorities do not help those whose temperatures are about for burst. you look to be in a separate world? >>guest: they are patting each other on the back. i have people on staten i'll, new jersey, on long island, my son if law's house, washed away. people living with no houses and people in staten island, crying with no water. be real. these people need help. we should mobilize our police department. get them over to staten island. there are only cops and firemen, maybe that is the problem. my problem is i am getting the calls each day, people are crying, why isn't anyone doing anything in now we don't care about that, we are going to have a marathon on sunday? something is wrong with somebody. this is ridiculous. guys who are retired say they call the special number and they are as the parade route on sunday for crowd control. they want to help people. you ought to find more bodies in the houses, with freeport and the rockaways. peopl
night across atlantic city and as we head northbound, new york is going to be dealing cold temperatures, 29 degrees, very chilly out there. many people still without power and shelter. and 30 degrees will be low tonight and storm coming up thursday. >> neil: thank you very much. the power is back in virginia. utility crews in that state is heading north and bob mcdonald is the governor of virginia, donating $50,000 to help in recovery efforts. governor, it's good to have you. thank you. >> tay, we're going to have the power back on and we got 1600 people, utility workers going to new jersey and new york to help out. >> neil: you have been relentless helping out and juggling campaign duties. i don't know if you heard rick leventhal talk to chris christie whether the governor was too friendly, too cozy, i'm paraparaphrasi, but on the bottom line he is still a romney guy and still suppo romney. believes the president was very helpful in dealing with this mess in w jery. that is the line should be drawn and enough of this debate. what do you think? >> i think when you have natural disasters
, as they weather this election storm to douglas kennedy keeping track of all of this in new york city. douglas? >> it has been over a week since hurricane sandy battered the shores but the state is still feeling the effect on election day. in fact, election officials say over 800 polling places were damaged other are still without power and they have instituted emergency measures to allow residents to vote. new jersey governor chris christie, for instance, says anyone who is affected by the storm can vote at any polling place in the state. he says he is ordered to oversee ballots distributed to all polling places that are open. in addition the governor has allowed voting by text message and e-mail. resident whose want to cast their vote electronically have been asked to contact the local town clerk if details and we are just getting word that christie has extended the deadline for electronic voting to friday so a lot of people are going to be able to vote a long time after today is over but some state residents are simply braving the elements in a show of election day patriotism. >> i will vot
to do business in new york city, yet, i believe, you are handing out a lost stuff to the victims of hurricane sandy, is that correct? >>guest: that is right. that is who we are. that is what makes up walmart. when our communities need us we spring into action and we donated $2 million worth of cash and in kind to victims of hurricane sandy, it was a horrible occurrence but when the governor cuomo and governor christie called we were there as we always are for communities across the country. >>neil: you are a diplomat, and we appreciate you being here, david tovar. middle east violence ranching -- ratcheting up, and oil prices ratcheting up. match that price. that's her "huge savings" face. yeah. don't worry, i get it all the time. [ male announcer ] we guarantee our low prices. even our black friday prices are backed by ad match. the first and only place to go this black friday. walmart. >> oil surging $2 a barrel as the rockets keep flying and air attacks buy israel keep coming. here is the latest. terrorist group hamas says it will not back down unless demands are met. israel i
because of the storm in new york city alone and 24 are in brooklyn, including on coney island where mean residents are more concerned with basic services than finding where their molling place is. these folks are in line if the tenth where they are giving out food and water and diapers and other supplies and taking applications for federal aid, 206,000 people have signed up. buses are here to provide warmth for those what do not have heat and mobile medical centers are here so people can get the medical care. and beyond that you have large public housing buildings and many of them are still without power. but the residents do not want to leave because they are concern about their possessions. there is a lot of water damage around here in coney island and in brooklyn, in general. there is work on utilities to restore power and they have made progress. hundreds of thousands are in the character, 700,000 in new york without power and the numbers have improved and they are using utility crews to make that happen. the military officers are on the ground and helicopters flew over new york city
, and low-cost printing. >>neil: a new round of gas rationing in new york city and new jersey and now new york puts it in place tomorrow proving that the sandy-related problems are far from over. the executive director of new jersey gasoline convenience store association, how will it help things out? >>guest: right now, the odd and even that governor christie put in place in new jersey was a very good idea. i was very skeptical when he did it. my members were skeptical. i kind of thought, gee, this is not going to work, but he was right, i was wrong, it is work ing. a lot of folks are saying we should keep it going longer because quote have gas disruptions going longer than we thought. do you hear that? how likely will this last? >> again, here i was wrong. i was telling my members i have been telling the press, i have been talking to my people that are trying to help us out here, and i thought this whole thing was going toize by the end of last weekend and we would return to a normalcy right now. that has not happened. we have seen the lines diminish. however, there are still about 75 pe
works, why know if you live in new york but you work in new york and the tax rates in new york city could go do 50 percent and california as high as 52 percent, we have not seen rates that high since the 1970's. >>neil: leave aside what will happen on health care people forget this is a lot more than just returning to the clinton top rate of 39.6 percent. it is about going well beyond that and the fact that democrats are feeling their oats after the election and saying, look, this isn't about just marginal rates but the marginal rates and this, not either, or, but "and" this. >>guest: that is what chuck schumer said before the election, saying close loopholes and raise the rates at the same time, which is exactly the opposite of tax reform. >>neil: how does a guy like that who represents the financial capital of the world sort that out and its economic impact. >>guest: this is an important point i am glad you brought it up. what is the financial capital of the world? new york wants to be and it has been so what chuck schumer is talking about, is imposing higher taxes on capital whic
just to get gas here. this is one of the few in new york city where you can get gas and as we go out to what is 10th avenue look down here, ten blocks or more right now and the line for gas. they have blocked off two lanes of the five lane avenue so they can line up the cars waiting to get any gas whatever. people generally have been pretty good humored and we have members of new york's finest right here and they have been keeping a good deal of order and the people have the patience of a saint. some of the motorists they have had to deal with, but, generally, people have been good. today we heard from the mayor talking about how they plan to make this situation a little bit better. here is the mayor. >> some of the gas stations are not open because they don't have electricity. the pumps need electricity to run. hopefully in the next couple of days that will be accommodated and when mass transit comes back you have fewer cars trying to buy gasoline. >>jonathan: that is good. a lot of the gas stations are shut down not because there is a shortage of gas but they don't have any power t
shipping at fedex office. >> shoppers storming the stores since early this morning in new york city 11,000 lined up at macy's for the midnight opening. but, now, with all day store busters, thanksgiving opening and week long sales events is black friday all it is cracked up to be. we have the low down from our retail watcher. so, is black friday really the place to go? is it as big as it used to be? it is not so much black friday but black of week of thanksgiving. does that dilute it. >>guest: it is bigger than ever, always a toss up for black friday and the saturday before christmas and the past few years black friday has always come out on top as they add on the extra days. >> it is a big day with lots of people in line but that does not make it the biggest revenue grabber. >>guest: it tends to be the largest producer of the holiday selling season which is the biggest season of the year. >> that does not mean you should go out there and you will find the best deals on black friday. they will choose one specific target item to really knock down and they choose the lower end things tha
with the utility companies and the city of new york and other counties and government entities has been poor. >>neil: governor cuomo has been particularly tough on utility companies the last few days saying that this is no excuse for this. but why is it happening? it is just a -- because of bad coordination? >>guest: i give the governor all credit in the world. he is right to hold the utility companies accountable. what i would say is the coordination between the utility companies and the city of new york has been absolutely not existent. not existent. they are not talking to each other, there has been no coordination, and, unfortunately, the people in the secret whose have to suffer. we are in day 14 today, and to think about being 14 days without power, it is unconscionable. >>neil: a lost areas are without power and more coming on back each day, but i am not blaming you or the governor but could it be a case of throw the utilities under the bus for what has been a bad public response? >>guest: i think the time for accountability is going to come. en agrees that when our families are safe,
of the city. and david lee is in new york with the latest. david lee? >> the storm has arrived and look over my shoulder. off in the distance you can see the angry atlantic ocean and there is someone we can actually get a camera, one of the few people venturing out to look at the rising tide. we do expect there could be a surge of between 3' to 5' less than was experienced during the mega storm a few days ago. the good news is they say this is not any significant flooding and the mayor alerting people telling police to drive around the city using loudspeakers warning them to leave. the boardwalk in long beach, you can roll a bowling ball down it and not hit anything. look at apartments, all evacuated all without power. a crew tried to pump the sand from the previous storm out of the parking lot. they were unsuccessful. the recovery from the first storm now made difficult by this nor'easter and perhaps best summed up by chris christie the governor of new jersey, when he heard the forecast, he wondered what was next? is it going to be locust? we hope not. so far we are in for a rough night. >>
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)